March 25, 2012

Give Thanks For 5 Little Toes!

A couple weeks ago Amy took Luke along with some other MAF folks to the 'big city' of Semarang for shopping. One of the bonuses of being in Central Java right now is that IF you know where to look, you can find a lot of stuff you would have otherwise assumed not available in this part of the world. Of course, this will all change for us once we are in Tarakan, as Tarakan is not located in a central heavily populated area like Central Java, it is more off the beaten path. Semarang has some pretty nice malls that could almost make one forget they are in Central Java, and are a nice resource for getting those items you can't find anywhere else (like starbucks coffee...As long as it is available, Amy and I are more than happy to drink it!).

Well, along with malls often comes escalators. If you don't already know, apparently Crocs sandals should not be worn on escalators. My little guy came a second or two away from loosing his foot as his croc started getting sucked between the stationary sidewall of the escalator and the moving stair. Luckily, Local heroine and MAF Mom Nan Grant (with baby in snuggly) mustered up some God given superhuman strength and was able to reach down and rip his foot out of his sandal just in the knick of time. Besides having a bruised foot and being freaked out, Luke was fine! Thank you God for looking after my boy. I can't imagine what could have happened, and I'm very thankful it didn't.

So, with a brand new pair of overpriced Crocs from that same fancy mall, Luke is back in business...Check out the moves!
Simon (with top button of shirt always done up) has a few moves of his own!.
Luke has also began soccer this year at his school, and is loving it! One thing for sure, where ever we go there should be some form of soccer.

Not to be outdone, Helena is showing the gutter she fell into the other day. One moment she was standing beside the gate ready to go inside, and the next moment there was nothing but a couple blonde curls poking up out of the ditch.

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