September 25, 2011

News from the Potato State

Actually just news, nothing about potatoes - except that they're delicious.

Here's a little video of our kiddies playing around our home here at MAF.

Last weekend we had a chance to drive on down to the local giant US airforce base (it had its own Burger King and Subway) and catch a free airshow...Hey, the price was right! Nothing quite like watching aircraft worth millions of $$$ burn thousands of $$$ worth of jet fuel, and not pay a penny. Now that's a good use of tax dollars!

Catchin' some shade under a C-130 Hercules 

 Simon was into the whole jet fighter thing just a wee bit more than Luke

 Helena watching an F-15 make lots of noise

 "Dad, take me home, military aircraft aren't cool for 5 month old girls."

Not at the air show, just Charlotte drooling and looking cute

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